Winners of the CEACM nomination for the ECCOMAS Award
for the Two Best PhD Theses on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering

CEACM Candidate
Vukčević, VukoNumerical Modelling of Coupled Potential and Viscous Flow for Marine ApplicationsUniversity of Zagreb, Croatia2016
Nikolić, MijoRock mechanics, failure phenomena with pre-existing cracks and internal fluid flow through cracksUniversity of Split, Croatia2015
Toth, FlorianStatic and Dynamic Modelling of Lightweight Floating Platforms Supported by Flexible Air ChambersVienna University of Technology, Austria2014
Unterberger, MichaelMicrostructurally-motivated constitutive modeling of cross-linked filamentous actin networksGraz University of Technology, Austria2013
Nachbagauer, Karin Development of shear and cross section deformable beam finite elements applied to large deformation and dynamics problemsJohannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria2012
Eitelberger, JohannesA multiscale material description for wood below the fiber saturation point with particular emphasis on wood-water interactionsVienna University of Technology, Austria2011
Vertnik, RobertHeat and fluid flow simulation of the continuous casting of steel by a meshless methodUniversity of Nova Gorica, Slovenia2010
Jokić, MarkoStructural Optimization With Respect to Vibration ResponseUniversity of Zagreb, Croatia2009
Kristianić, NikoLimit State Design Using Exact Sensitivity Analysis and Shape OptimizationUniversity of Ljubljana, Slovenia2008
Lukeš, VladimírTwo-scale computational modelling of soft biological tissuesUniversity of West Bohemia, Czech Republic2007
Založnik, MihaCentral Europe Modeling of Macrosegregation in Direct Chill CastingUniversity of Nova Gorica, Slovenia2006
Schuecker, ClaraMechanism based modeling of damage and failure in fiber reinforced polymer laminatesVienna University of Technology, Austria2005
Ramšak, MatjažMultidomain boundary element metehod for two equiton turbulence modelsUniversity of Maribor, Slovenia2004
Daxner, ThomasMulti-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Metalic FoamsVienna University of Technology, Austria2002