Short history of CEACM


               The idea for the Central European Association of Computational Mechanics (CEACM) emerged in 1990s through the initiative of prominent individuals such as M. Okrouhlik and I. Babuška. After some discussions with scientists in the field of Computational Mechanics it Central European countries, H.A. Mang initiated the foundation of CEACM, which was established at the University of Leipzig in 1992.

     In the beginning, members of CEACM were scientists from Austria, Czechoslovakia (after 1993 Czech Republic & Slovakia), Hungary, and Poland, were joined by individuals from Slovenia and Croatia in 1993. The first board members, elected unanimously, were H.A. Mang as Chair-man of CEACM, L. Demkowicz as Vice-Chairman, F.G. Rammerstorfer as Cashier and G. Meschke as a Secretary of CEACM.


Full text of this history can be found in:
Smojver, I. & Sorić, J.: Central European Association for Computational Mechanics.
In: IACM expressions, No. 22, Jan 2008, pp. 47-49.

or copy of one at this server.

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